The Boston Teachers Union Collection is a joint project of the Boston Teachers Union and UMass Boston. The project is co-directed by retired BTU Secretary-Treasurer Betsy Drinan and UMass Boston Assistant Professor Nick Juravich. You can reach us at BTUHistory@gmail.com or by filling out our feedback form.

The Collection

The Boston Teachers Union Collection at UMass Boston is currently made up of three distinct collections: the Boston Union Teacher, the BTU Oral History Project, and the BTU Digitizing Day. All of these collections are freely available and full-text searchable through UMass Boston’s Open Archives Digital Collections portal.

In addition to these digital collections, the BTU is in the process of donating its print archives to UMass Boston. At present, these include a complete set of the union’s contracts with the City of Boston dating back to 1966 and additional ephemera.

Questions about access to these collections, as well as all inquiries regarding rights, reproduction, fair use, and copyright, should be addressed to UMass Boston’s University Archives and Special Collections (UASC). You can reach UASC at this link or by emailing library.archives@umb.edu.

Oral Histories

We continue to collect oral histories with BTU leaders, organizers, members, and retirees, and we are always looking for new narrators to share their stories. If you have a story to share or know someone we should contact, please email us at BTUHistory@gmail.com.

This Companion Site

This WordPress site was created by the Spring 2022 graduate course “Digital Public History: Teacher Organizing in Boston,” led by Nick Juravich at UMass Boston. The digital exhibits and blog posts featured on this site were all created by students, with guidance and feedback from Nick Juravich and Betsy Drinan. We welcome any and all feedback, either through our feedback form (at which you can respond to particular exhibits) or by email at BTUHistory@gmail.com.

The content featured on this site comes primarily from the BTU Collection at UMass Boston, courtesy of the University Archives and Special Collections, and has been shared and cited in consultation with archivists and librarians. Where we have shared content from other sources, we have endeavored to cite it properly and use it in accordance with standard academic fair-use practices. If you believe anything on this site has been shared or reproduced improperly or otherwise wish to contact us regarding outside content, please email Nick Juravich at nicholas.juravich@umb.edu.