BTU Standing in Solidarity

The Boston Teachers Union was formed in 1945 with the goal of helping teachers of Boston advocate for themselves. And they have been successful over the course for numerous contract campaigns, advocating for nurses, aids, and paraprofessionals, and more. They have faced many tumultuous times, but none so much as between the years 1970-1982, going on strike themselves in 1970 and 1975, working through desegregation and the firing of 710 teachers at Judge Garrity’s orders. Through all of this they have stood in solidarity with their fellow workers in Boston and across the country.

BTU was not alone in their strikes in the 1970s, this decade was filled with labor militancy across the board. To support their fellow workers they stood in solidarity in a handful of ways, through using the Boston Union Teacher to raise awareness, publish Do Not Buy Lists, and publishing articles about the issues and what the BTU members can do to help. They also offered physical support by showing up to picket lines and offering their meeting hall for other Unions.

 Explore how the BTU has supported other works in 1970-1982