Join us to for a book launch celebration on May 10, 2023.

Patrick Barron (Professor, English) 

Gianni Celati: Selected Essays and Dialogues (University College London Press, forthcoming 2023) is a selection of Italian writer and filmmaker Gianni Celati’s critical work from the late 1960s to the near present translated into English & ranging in topic from environmental perception and archaeological conceptions of historical knowledge to street theater, slapstick comedy, photography, and translation. 

Daniel C. Remein (Associate Professor, English)  

The Heat of Beowulf (Manchester 2022) investigates twentieth-century poets Jack Spicer’s and Robin Blaser’s encounter with Beowulf as a comparative horizon by which to understand the multisensory, synesthetic, ecopoetical world of the Old English poem. 

Isabel C. Gómez (Associate Professor, Latin American & Iberian Studies) 

Cannibal Translation: Literary Reciprocity in Contemporary Latin America(Northwestern UP 2023) excavates a network of Latin American translation projects that resist assimilation by digesting, transforming, and challenging source materials.