About the Department

The field of Latin American and Iberian studies explores the languages, literatures, and histories of Spain, Portugal, Latin America and the Caribbean. Insight into these cultures trains students to think critically from different perspectives—an important skill in a world where communication and understanding across boundaries is essential. Latin American and Iberian studies graduates are prepared for careers in international affairs, government, education and many other fields.

Our language programs offer multidisciplinary courses in Spanish and Portuguese.

Our major in Latin American and Iberian Studies offers three options:

  1. The track in Language, Culture, and Society opens diverse perspectives on the languages, literatures, cultures and societies of Spain, Portugal, Latin America, and the Caribbean.
  2. The track in Translation Studies offers a unique undergraduate curriculum examining the history, theory, and practice of Spanish/English translation in cultural context.
  3. The track in Latin American Studies provides students with the opportunity to explore the histories, societies and cultures of Latin America and the Caribbean from a variety of disciplinary perspectives.

Additionally, we offer two minors. The minor in Spanish Language is ideal for students who wish to obtain advanced language proficiency for use in a wide variety of professions while the minor in Latin American Studies is designed for students who wish to explore the societies and cultures of Latin America and the Caribbean while pursuing another major.

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