MAP Workshops Week of 11/13-11/17

Hi all,

Please see below for next week’s MAP opportunities:


Internship search strategies: Nov 13, 2017, 2-3pm

Presentation Skills by Beta Gamma Sigma: Nov 13,2017 4-5pm

Maintaining Mental Health while Job Searching: Nov 14,2017 11-12pm

Networking: Nov 14,2017 12-1pm

Fundamental Laws of Investing:Mutual Fund Basics: Nov 14,2017 2-3pm

Government Career Forums : Nov 14, 2017 1-2pm

Identity and Privilege: Nov 14,2017 3:30-5pm

Informational Interview:Nov 15,2017 10-11am

Holding People Accountable with Target:Nov 15,2017 11-12pm

Managing Project in Data Analytics with Mitch Ocampo: Nov 15,2017 4-5pm

Anxiety in the Workplace: Nov 16,2017 11-12pm

Fundamental Laws of Investing: Stock Investing Strategies Nov 16,2017 2-4pm

Supply Chain Speaker Series:Andrew Mica,PE,MBA Nov 16,2017 4-5pm

Exam Preparation By Beta Gamma Sigma Nov 17,2017 9-10am

Thanks again, please feel free to email with any questions we would be glad to answer 🙂


The Undergraduate Program Office