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Waitlists, Full Courses and YOU!

Have you ever wondered how waitlists work on Wiser?  We may have some answers for you right here!

When a College of Management course becomes full, students have the option of adding themselves to the waitlist for the course.  Any seats that become available (usually from an enrolled student dropping the course for any reason) are filled with the waiting students, in the order they are waiting, until the course capacity is reached once again, and the course is back to being full.  Wiser automatically fills closed (or full) classes with waiting students multiple times a day.

Please note that if there is a registration conflict, Wiser will move to the next student on the waitlist, and enroll him/her even if s/he is not the first person on the waitlist.  Examples of registration conflicts are:

–          enrollment in another course at the same time;

–          enrollment in another section of the same course;

–          missing pre-requisites;

–           a hold preventing enrollment or registration changes

–          insufficient credits available for additional registration (the standard limit is 17 credits/semester)

Unfortunately, if a student is skipped by Wiser for theses reason, there is little to nothing we can do since waitlist enrollments are automated and students can make schedule changes 24 hours/day.  Please take the necessary steps to avoid these issues and be sure you have no conflicts that would prevent enrollment into a course for which you are on the waitlist.

College of Management courses do not have permission numbers attached to them. We use the waitlist process ONLY to manage enrollments of full courses when a seat becomes available.

The last day to add a course this semester is JANUARY 30. If you are not enrolled in a course by this date, there is no need for you to continue attending the course, as you will not be able to be added after this date.

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