On March 30, the dedication of the Edward M. Kennedy Institute for the United States Senate will bring a national spotlight to our university. President Obama, First Lady Michelle Obama, and Vice President Joe Biden will be among the dignitaries attending, requiring us to close the campus as the Secret Service implements its security measures. This communication is intended to help clarify what it will mean for UMass Boston to be closed for this event.

Normal campus operations will be conducted during the weekend before the dedication. However, the campus will close at 7pm on Sunday, March 29.  It will remain closed through the day on Monday, March 30.   No one without prior security clearance will be allowed on campus during the closure period.  The campus will reopen on Tuesday, March 31 at 7am, when normal operations will resume.

The closure will be unlike those for weather events or holidays. Instead, there will be very strict limits on who may enter the campus. This restriction is required by external law-enforcement officials, who will be working with our own Department of Public Safety officers to sweep and secure the campus.

Specific Issues:

Access to Campus Parking Lots, Outdoor Spaces, and Buildings
There will be no access to campus locations, with very few exceptions for selected critical employees who have been required to submit background-check forms. All access points will be guarded by multiple levels of law enforcement. Portions of the Harbor Walk will be closed.

On Sunday night, there will be no overnight parking in any campus parking lot, including the Bayside lot, or in the Campus Center garage. On Monday, March 30, any cars not registered to approved staff will be towed from campus lots.

There will be no shuttle bus service from the MBTA or the Bayside lot to the campus on March 30. MBTA buses #8 and #16 also will not be coming to the campus during that day.

Building Sweeps
Campus buildings will be swept and secured.

Off-campus Operations
Operations will continue as scheduled at off-campus locations such as the Nantucket Field Station, the School for Global Inclusion and Social Development’s downtown office, The Early Learning Center and CAPS off-campus facilities at 150 Mt. Vernon Street and elsewhere.  Online courses will also continue as scheduled.

Spreading the Word
If you are aware of anyone who might wish to visit the campus on March 30, please inform that person that there will be no access to the campus.

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact Customer Service at 617.287.4000 or