How to Calculate Your GPA

As the end of the semester approaches, it is always good to understand where you stand in your courses, and therefore how that could impact your GPA. Here is some helpful information about calculating your GPA:

What is a GPA?

A student’s Grade Point Average (GPA) is a numerical representation of their academic progress at UMass Boston. Only UMass Boston classes are calculated into your GPA. Each letter grade you receive has an equivalent grade point using the Grading Scale. You can use the UMass Boston Grading Scale to help calculate or predict your GPA.


What is the UMass Boston Grading Scale?

Grading Scale

The Registrar’s Office has a grading system in place for all of UMass Boston.

Grade Point Average





A 4.00 3 12.00
A- 3.70 3 11.10
B+ 3.30 3 9.90
B 3.00 2 6.00
B- 2.70 3 8.10
C+ 2.30 3 6.90
C 2.00 1 2.00
C- 1.70 2 3.40
D+ 1.30 3 3.90
D 1.00 4 4.00
D- .70 3 2.10
F or IF .00 3 .00


How do you calculate your GPA?

  • Multiply the grade points for each course by the number of credit hours each course is worth.  The resulting value is referred to as “Quality Points”
  • Add together earned quality points for all courses completed at UMass Boston
  • Divide the sum by the total number of completed credit hours


Credit Hours         Grade (Equivalent)                          Quality Points

3                     x               C-  (1.7)                                   =                    5.1

3                     x               B-  (2.7)                                  =                     8.1

3                     x               C-  (1.7)                                   =                    5.1

3                     x               C-  (1.7)                                   =                    5.1

TOTAL:  12                                                                                       23.4

 23.4 (Quality Points) ÷ 12 (credit hours) =  1.95 

**This students GPA is below the University Standard of a 2.0 and could have an academic standing reflecting warning, alert, probation, suspension, etc.

The My GPA Tool

University Advising Center’s GPA Calculator

  • This calculator is for estimation purposes only and can calculate your Semester, Cumulative, or Goal GPA.
  • Results are based only on the data you supply.


If you have any questions about your GPA, academic standing, or how to calculate your GPA, please make an appointment to see your academic advisor.