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When is YOUR Appointment?

So by now you’ve heard that spring registration starts on November 4. But does really? Does it for YOU? Students are given access to the registration system in a staggered fashion – with the students who have earned 100 or more credits getting access to the system first. The date that you are allowed access to the registration system is called your “Enrollment Appointment” – and you can find your personal appointment time on your Wiser account.

Here is how the enrollment appointments roll out for UMB undergraduates:

November 4: students with 100+ credits
November 6: students with less than 100 credits but at least 75 credits
November 8: students with less than 75 credits but at least 55 credits
November 11: students with less than 55 credits but at least 30 credits
November 13: students with less than 30 credits

As always, we recommend that you register as soon as possible, once your enrollment appointment arrives.

These dates are assigned by the Registrar’s Office. If you have any questions about when your enrollment appointment is, please contact the Registrar’s Office directly.

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MAP Events for the Week of November 4th 2013

These are the MAP events for the Week of November 4th 2013


Job Search Strategies: Starts at 11:00 AM in H-11-0011A. MAP Miles Earned: 50.

McCormack Leadership Series: Federal Reserve Bank CE: Starts at 4:00 PM in the CC Ballroom. MAP Miles Earned: 75


Resume Presentation: Starts at 11:00 AM in the CC-3-3545.  MAP Miles Earned: 50

Supply Chain in the UMass System: Starts at 3:00 PM in M-1-207 MAP Miles Earned: 50. Special Guest Speaker: John Healey Senior Director of Enterprise Procurement University of Massachusetts System Office

Sales and Marketing Careers in the CLOUD:  Starts at 4:00 PM in the Venture Development MAP Miles Earned: 50


Pros and Cons of Social Media: Starts at 3:00 PM in M-3-204. MAP Miles Earned: 50.

Panel presentation: Inequality in America: Can Business and Markets Help Drive Solution: Starts at 5:30 PM in the CC- Ballroom A. MAP Miles Earned 75. Response is Required.


Building your money consciousness: Starts at 12:00 PM in the CC-3-3545. MAP Miles Earned 50. Special Guest Speaker: Kristen Callahan, Accounting and Finance Department


For more information on MAP events go to


MAP tip of the week:

Be Active!  The speaker is here to help you build knowledge, and who knows, be interviewing you in the future!  Ask questions, participate in discussions, show your skills!

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Planning to graduate in December? Don’t forget to apply!

If you are planning on graduating in December 2013, the deadline to apply for graduation is next Friday, November 8!!

Not sure how to apply for graduation??  Check out these steps to walk you through the process!

All graduating undergraduates must declare their intent to graduate by applying online through the WISER system.

First, log into your WISER account and look under the academic tab in your student center to make sure all of the majors, minors, concentrations, and or tracks declared are correct. If the information listed is incorrect or incomplete, fill out the Change of Major, Minor, or Program of Study form, obtain the appropriate signatures, and submit it to the one stop center for processing. If it is correct then you can apply for graduation.

To Apply for Graduation:  

    1. You must apply through WISER. Once logged in, select Academic Planning>Planner>Academics>Apply for Graduation.
    2. Click on the program you plan to graduate in and it will bring you to another screen.
    3. From the drop down menu select the term of your graduation. PLEASE NOTE: FALL=DECEMBER; SPRING=MAY/JUNE AND SUMMER =AUGUST. Click continue.
    4. On the next screen, select submit and, if you are eligible, to apply you will receive a message that you have successfully applied for graduation. If you are not eligible to apply, it will let you know and you will have to rectify the problem.
    5. Please print a copy of the confirmation for your records. (Print from a computer that will print the date on form.)
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