One week until the Career Fair!

Are you ready for the Accounting/Finance and Business Career Fair?!  It is next Thursday from 3-6pm in the Campus Center Ballrooms.  Have you registered yet?  If not, why not do it now?   Sign in to My Career Online and click on “Career Fairs & Events”.   While you’re there, upload a new version of your resume, see what other events Career Services has to offer, and check out when they are offering on-campus interviewing!

The Accounting/Finance and Business Career Fair already has more than 35 employers/organizations looking for students, and there are more added every day!  Come prepared to impress!  Research the employers, dress professionally, bring your resume, give a great handshake, and put your best foot forward!  (P.S.  A “thank you” note to the recruiters you’re most interested in after the event can’t hurt!)

Also, make sure you check out employers who may not have the biggest names or the longest lines. It is a lot easier to stand out when you’re not standing in line!

If a career isn’t on your immediate horizon, make sure you ask good questions of the employers.  Ask about what they look for in candidates and if they offer internships, or job shadows.  This can give you a great window into a company and give them the chance to learn more about you!  The recruiters want to talk to you, so make a good impression, and they’ll want to talk to you more, and who knows, you might just land something you weren’t looking for initially!