MKT 465 Entrepreneurship Sales and Marketing: REGISTER TODAY!

Get a head start on your entrepreneurial endeavor. Register for MKT 465 through WISER today!

MKT 465: Entrepreneurship Sales & Marketing is a course that will prepare you for an entry level sales and marketing position in a startup initiative as well as prepare you to launch your own sales & marketing initiative in your own startup. Live role play scenarios with experienced sales and marketing entrepreneurs will prepare you for the multiple areas of responsibilities and interactions within a startup organization as well as outward facing prospect and customer responsibilities and interactions that are required in a startup. You will be exposed to the overall process and tools that drive a sales/marketing organization in a startup. Students will also be provided preparation assistance and giving priority consideration to the internships offered through UMass Boston’s Student Entrepreneurship Program (StEP).

You may also be interested in a new Sales 2.0 Lab that the Entrepreneurship Center plans to open in October at the Venture Development Center.  It will  offer paid sales internships for external companies, but right here on the campus.  As of now,  there are 11 sales internships to fill and the primary source will be those students on the MKT 465 course as students will have background course material to best position them for the roles.

All the more reason to jump on board if you want to be a part of this opportunity!

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