What’s in Your Shopping Cart?

Wiser offers a feature called the shopping cart. This allows you to select classes you are interested in taking, and keep track of them until your enrollment appointment. Having a class in your shopping cart doesn’t guarantee you a seat in the course, nor does having a class in there indicate that you have met all of the pre-requisites for registration.

When your enrollment appointment arrives, you should be able to go back to your shopping cart and complete the enrollment request – which means you are officially requesting that Wiser add you to the courses. At that time you will get an official confirmation of your enrollment, or an error message, that will give you more information once you click on it. And, we always encourage you to check on any error message you get – so that you can see if you can solve it yourself. Errors can be caused by holds, missing pre-requisites, two classes at the same time, and other registration issues.

Once you have completed your registration, your cart should be empty. You can leave classes in the cart, or add other classes to it if you are planning to make changes to you schedule before the end of the add/drop period.