Online Math Tutorials – The Khan Academy

As a CM student, you may be enrolled in MATH 134 (Managerial Calculus) or another course that leads up to MATH 134, depending on your math preparation before entering UMass Boston. Many students can find math a challenging subject to master, and utilize resources such as Professor Office Hours, the Math Resource Center Workshops or one-on-one tutoring. If you aren’t utilizing these on campus resources and are feeling lost or behind in your math class, you should start reaching out for help on campus now. It is not too late to ask for help.

If the on-campus resources aren’t enough for you, look online! One website that can help is the Khan Academy. The Khan Academy is a free website with a large collection of educational tutorial videos. The videos vary in length and walk you through specific topics and subtopics in many subjects, including math. There are even ways to practice the material online and track your progress if you choose create an account. The Khan Academy is a general resource used around the world and not specific to UMass Boston courses or course content. You may find some areas of the website more helpful than others because it is a general resource. The online tutorials could, however, be another way to supplement your on-campus support to help you succeed in math this semester.