Top Five Reasons to Declare your Concentration TODAY!

5) It’s easy. Just go to the online concentration declaration form and enter the data. You probably know all the answers already.

4) It’s required. Since you can’t graduate without a completed concentration, and we know you want to graduate, might as well declare it as soon as you can.

3) It’s fun. Well, completing the form might not be the most fun you’ve ever had, but as a declared concentrator, you’ll be invited to informational and social gatherings with faculty in your new department and get information about internships or other special opportunities for students in your discipline.

2) It’s connective. You will then have access to the College of Management Academic Advisors who can explain the concentration requirements and help answer questions about degree progress toward graduation.  You will also be included on communication departments have with their concentrators, and will be able to meet with CM faculty mentors who can also help guide you in your concentration area.

1) It’s important. Over the coming months, more and more access and information will be dependent on you having declared a concentration in the College of Management. Once you declare your concentration, it will also appear on your degree audit and you will be able to track your progress toward concentration completion and have a list of concentration requirements for you.

To be eligible to declare your concentration, you must:

– Have earned 60 credits (here or through transfer credit)

– Completed at least one semester in the College of Management (this means anyone who started at UMB this spring, or was just admitted to CM through the Inter College Transfer Process would not be eligible).

If you meet these eligibility requirements, you are encouraged to declare your concentration today!