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MAP ID walk-in hours

If you don’t have your MAP ID card yet, please stop by the CM Undergraduate Program Office (M-5-610) to have your photo taken and card printed for you.  Walk-in hours are Monday through Thursday from 2:00-4:00 PM.  If you’d like to have your ID photo taken but can’t make these times, please email or stop by the office to see if an alternate time can be arranged for you.  Just a reminder – if you are a new student as of fall 2011, student IDs are not ready just yet.  We will contact students as soon as accounts are active.

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YOU are invited!

On September 29, from 2:00-4:00 PM, the College of Management will be hosting an Open House, and invites you to stop by to meet our new staff, visit with people you already know and check out our new office space. We hope all CM students can stop by M-5-610 for a visit during this event.

Please reply to this invitation here:

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Waitlists, Full Courses, and YOU!


When a College of Management course becomes full, students have the option of adding themselves to the waitlist for the course.  Any seats that become available (usually from an enrolled student dropping the course for any reason) are filled with the waiting students, in the order they are waiting, until the course capacity is reached once again, and the course is back to being full.  Wiser automatically fills closed (or full) classes with waiting students each night.

Please note that if there is a registration conflict, Wiser will move to the next student on the waitlist, and enroll him/her even if s/he is not the first person on the waitlist.  Examples of registration conflicts are:

–          enrollment in another course at the same time;

–          enrollment in another section of the same course;

–          missing pre-requisites;

–          insufficient available credits for additional registration (the standard limit is 17 credits/semester)

Unfortunately, if a student is skipped by Wiser for theses reason, there is little we can do since waitlist enrollments are automated and students can make schedule changes 24 hours/day.  Please take the necessary steps to avoid these issues.

College of Management courses do not have permission numbers attached to them. We use the waitlist process ONLY to manage enrollments of full courses.


Once a class is full, we work from the waitlist as described.  Occasionally, faculty will allow extra students into the course, over the prescribed capacity.  The CM Undergraduate Program Office must hear directly from the instructor if s/he wants to take extra students, and how many.  Even with addition extra students, not everyone from the waitlist will be moved into the course.  If you are able to get a seat in the course through the regular waitlist process or through a professor consenting to adding students to the course, you will see this reflected on Wiser (your status will got from “waiting” to “enrolled”).  Please note that when adding extra students, they are moved in the waitlist order using the same parameters noted above, and students must be on the waitlist before they can be added to the course.


–       We will strive to have over-enrollment requests handled by the same time on the next business day.  Please check wiser instead of visiting our office to check on the status of this.  Also, please bear in mind that the time an instructor tells you s/he will contact us, and the time we get the actual request may be different times, sometimes even different days.

–       We do not notify students of these registration changes when they happen; please keep checking Wiser.

–       Please note that to be fair to all students, we cannot move a student ahead of other waiting students.  We accommodate students in the order of the waitlists at all times for over enrollment issues.

–       The last day to add a course this semester is September 13. If you are not enrolled in a course by this date, there is no need for you to continue attending the course, as you will not be able to be added after this date.

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Still looking for a MATH course this fall?

The College of Management LEAD program has some sections of MATH 115, 129, and 134 reserved for the program that still have seats available. These sections will not show on Wiser, so the information is below. If you are a College of Management student and interested in enrolling in one of these sections and have the appropriate pre-requisites, please stop by the College of Management UPO (M-5-610) to complete a registration request card. The last day to be added is September 13.

MATH 115 (1955) – Tuesday/Thursday 8:00AM-9:15AM – Instructor: Poweigha
MATH 129 (3155) – Tuesday/Thursday 8:00AM-9:15AM – Instructor: Cooper
MATH 134 (3124) – Tuesday/Thursday 8:00AM-9:15AM – Instructor: Fratto

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Transfer Credit Fast Fact

Per University policy, no course from a two year school can be transferred to UMB with an equivalency of a 300 level course or higher?

You can access a list of MA community college course equivalencies at
It’s a pretty neat tool – check it out! More information and instructions are here.

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