Welcome from Urban Scholar Alumna: Anny Thach

Welcome from Urban Scholar Alumna: Anny Thach

My name is Anny (with a “y”) Thach, alumna from the Urban Scholars Program and Fenway High. I am a rising sophomore at the College of the Holy Cross majoring in Political Science with interests in Theatre, Creative Writing and Education. Since I have interests in journalism and blogging I’ve decided to return and write again. This summer I will be a Web Publishing Intern documenting and highlighting the successes and accomplishment of the life of Urban Youth.

I have spent 7 years as a student/scholar here at UMass Boston since middle school. Growing up, UMass Boston has always been my second home. My first community at UMass Boston was through the Health Careers Opportunity Program (HCOP). I always ran over to the McCormack building at UMass Boston after school from the McCormack Middle School, for tutoring. I aspired to be a pediatrician at the time because science was not my strongest suit so I found potential in going into the health profession. Unfortunately the program had to be terminated because of the cuts in the federal funding. I was lucky enough  to be introduced to other pre-collegiate programs that became available to take me in. I joined Urban Scholars when I was rising first year in high school.

With my time in Urban Scholars, I had the opportunity to dip my feet into politics through different events, that allowed me to meet:Tito Jackson, Ayanna Pressley and George Foreman. Junior year  through debate I became more “socially aware” but it wasn’t until I met Tito Jackson that I became involved in local government (giving testimonies and going to rallies).

This summer I look forward to tapping back into the world of Urban Youth after a year of being away. Coming back as a college student, I’ve realized that everything is political statement.

Anny, the Web Publishing Intern is standing in front of the portraits of law professors in the halls of Harvard Law School with her clipboard and notebook.

In my free time, I like to visit other institutions to pick up some inspiration. This is me standing in the halls of Harvard Law School in front of portraits of law professors throughout the years.

My favorite quote would have to be from a book I read in my theatre class this year:

“Our prime task is not only to portray the life of a role externally, but above all to create the inner life of the character and of the whole play, bringing our own individual feelings to it, endowing it with all features of our personality.”

I hope readers enjoy this as much as I enjoy sharing!

Until next time, as always this is brought to you by,

Anny with a “Y”