Talking to Mr. Jackson

Talking to Mr. Jackson

Councilor Tito Jackson, the current city representative of all of Roxbury and parts of the South End, Dorchester and Fenway neighborhoods, visited the Urban Scholars Program here at UMass Boston on Wednesday, July 15 as a guest speaker. While he was here, Mr. Jackson spoke with students about his childhood, his role in city, civic responsibility, and his vision for the future.

Students asked questions and found inspiration within his words.

How do you change the world that surrounds you?,” “What do you encourage the youth to do?,” and What’s a day like for you?”

I couldn’t help but be motivated when he said phrases like:

You have an infinite amount of potential and only you can unlock it”

“Where you are today doesn’t have to be where you are tomorrow.”

Then it was my turn:


Do you plan on  leaving Boston? How long will you be around?

Mr. Tito Jackson:

“I love my city, it’s international, but it’s a small town. Boston has a potential. I feel like Boston hasn’t “arrived” yet. We are falling down in elementary school and high school . . . Politics matters . . ..”

Tito feels they’re too many problems here in Boston, and it is wrong to move away from them. People are spending too much money buying shoes and clothes, not thinking about the larger picture. Tito wants young adults  to vote and manage where the money goes.

Mr. Tito Jackson:

“If you’re not at the table, you’re on the table.”

“Greatness is not a destination. You have to do it again.”DSC01699

“You don’t say MJ had a good game, or Obama had a good speech.”

“When you die the only important thing on your grave is the dash, what did you do?”

“What mark did you leave? How many people did you help? What happened? What changed?”

“You have an infinite amount of potential, only you can unlock it.”

“You’re life is not practice.

You’re only 14,15,16 once.

You can be great now.

Walk in your greatness.

Be committed to you, your greatness.

Go off and do great things.”

The participants and I were all inspired to be a part of this amazing opportunity. We all walked away learning more about the city of Boston, and what it means to be a great leader.

Students meet Councilor Jackson