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November 2, 2016
by McCormack Speaks
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The Trump Paradox

by Professor Michael Ahn
Department of Public Policy and Public Affairs

Here is a simple observation with no political siding ̶ virtually all media outlets to which I am exposed are appalled by Donald Trump and all the posts on social media channels I visit are full of dismay, shock, and embarrassment at Donald Trump and his campaign. Nine out of 10 (actually more like 10 out of 10) times, I see various expressions and statements pointing to how unfit Trump is and how ridiculous it is to support him. However, it is a paradox that he continues to muster significant support from the general population despite all the “scandals” that we have seen unfold in the last couple of weeks. You may disregard him as a fool as many media outlets are doing and express your dismay at his hard-to-understand popularity. Yet, in the backdrop of his substantial popularity, one cannot overlook the real meaning of his popularity—why is Trump so popular and what does this mean?

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