McCormack Speaks

September 17, 2017
by McCormack Speaks

Ethiopia and the Green Economy

by Michael Denney, PhD candidate in Global Governance and Human Security.

earthThis is my 5th trip to Ethiopia, and my 3rd stint living here doing research and working on development projects, such as sustainable business development and youth climate negotiation workshops. Each time I return to Addis Ababa, the capitol city, it seems that the whole country has transformed. Where there were once dirt roads, there are paved multilevel thoroughfares. Informal housing has been replaced by dozens of new high-rises, malls, and restaurants; the former occupants of which now reside in government-built condominium developments that have sprung up all around the city. The skyline has forever changed, as a new electric light rail systems silently weaves through seemingly endless construction projects. As a relative newcomer to Ethiopia, it is always shocking to come back and see what has changed. I cannot imagine what it feels like to have lived here over the past 15 years ~10% annual economic growth that is quickly propelling Ethiopia to middle income country status. Continue Reading →

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