McCormack Speaks

October 31, 2016
by McCormack Speaks

Notes on Cyber Aggression and Policy Solutions

by Sean Mossey
Public Policy student at the McCormack Graduate School

cyber securityOctober 19th’s Presidential debate saw Secretary Clinton and Moderator Chris Wallace make only brief mention of the topic of State sponsored cyber aggression before moving on to other policy topics. The moderator and presidential candidate made mention of the topic as it related to recent reports of Russian cyber aggression against the U.S., with Secretary Clinton condemning such Russian cyber espionage. In light of the debate and with October being National Cyber security month, the U.S. government and policy makers need to bring the discussion of cyber security to the forefront of policy discussion. Central questions become: What role the government have in confronting, specifically, State sponsored cyber terrorism. What is the role of the individual citizen or business in response to these threats?

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