McCormack Speaks

September 29, 2017
by McCormack Speaks

Who has the keys to electric vehicles?

This originally appeared in The Boston Globe as an op-ed written by David W. Cash, dean of the John W. McCormack Graduate School of Policy and Global Studies.

electric carRecently, Volvo announced that by 2019, all of its new cars will be either fully electric or hybrids, and Tesla said it is beginning production of its mass-market Model 3. In Frankfurt’s annual auto show, electric vehicles dominated. In the United States, more than 33 models of electric vehicles are already on display, promising consumer driving that is cleaner — and also cheaper.

Soon, electric vehicles will no longer be niche cars driven by the environmentally conscious. They will be lined up at the Dunkin’ drive-thru. They will be vans driven by soccer moms. They will be the only kind of cars carried by Avis and Hertz. They will make up the fleets of self-driving car services, as well as buses and trucks. Continue Reading →

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