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January 4, 2018
by McCormack Speaks

How Housing Plus Services Addresses Senior Needs

This post originally appeared on the Gerontology Institute blog.

By Meghan Hendricksen

man with suitcase heading to nursing homeA shortage of affordable housing for seniors will pose a huge challenge for the United States in the years ahead. But finding homes for those elders is only part of the solution, according to Alisha Sanders.

Helping seniors deal with health issues locally and age in place in their homes should be an important element of any housing plan, she said.

Sanders, director of Housing & Services Policy Research at LeadingAge, was the final fall speaker series guest at McCormack Graduate School’s Department of Gerontology. Her talk, “Affordable Senior Housing Plus Services: Meeting the Needs of Low-Income Seniors,” stressed the value of providing housing and services together. Continue reading.

December 6, 2017
by McCormack Speaks

Crucial Support for Senior Affordable Housing at Risk in Tax Reform Legislation

This post originally appeared on the Gerontology Institute blog.

By Len Fishman, Gerontology Institute

senior housingLow-income elder Americans face a housing crisis today. We don’t have nearly enough decent, affordable housing for them, and our country’s aging population is adding waves of new seniors to the waiting lists every day.

States and the federal government generally do not build new affordable housing directly. Instead, they maintain a market-based system that allows private firms and nonprofits (many of them faith-based) to partner with government to build and preserve housing for low-income elders and the working poor.

For decades, this public-private partnership has been the main engine driving new construction and preservation of subsidized senior housing. With the passage of tax legislation in both houses, Congress now faces a stark choice. Read more.

Len Fishman directs the Gerontology Institute. His work focuses on research and policy, especially to combine affordable senior housing and health care in innovative and cost-effective ways.

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