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UMass Boston Gerontology Contingent Follows Research Projects to South Korea


This post originally appeared in the Gerontology Institute blog written by Steven Syre.

Image of professor and students in South Korea

(L-R) Bon Kim, assistant professor Kyungmin Kim, associate professor Kathrin Boerner, and Yijung Kim at Seoul National University.

A small contingent of UMass Boston Department of Gerontology professors and students were simply following their work wherever it led. In this case, it took them nearly 7,000 miles to South Korea.

The group included Associate Professor Kathrin Boerner and Assistant Professor Kyungmin Kim, as well as PhD candidates Yijung Kim and Bon Kim. They spent two weeks recently in Seoul, working on a series of projects related to South Korea’s aging population and making presentations organized around their visit. Continue reading.

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