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Helping a Widow Secure Survivor Pension Benefit: A Pension Action Center Case Study


Pension file folder tabThe Gerontology Institute’s Pension Action Center is part of the McCormack Graduate School at UMass Boston. It provides free legal assistance to low- and moderate-income workers, retirees and their survivors in the six New England states and Illinois whose pension benefits have been wrongfully denied. This is one in an occasional series of posts about cases the center pursues on behalf of its clients.

A 67-year old widow from Charlestown came to the Pension Action Center with a sad story and a serious problem. Her husband had worked cleaning offices as a member of the Service Employees International Union for over 30 years. But union pension fund officials told her she was not entitled to a survivor’s benefit as a result of his sudden death–just one day after signing forms to begin receiving his pension. Read more on this case study.

This blog was originally posted on the Gerontology Institute blog site.

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