Harvard Pilgrim Healthcare- HI Internship

Harvard Pilgrim Healthcare- Health Informatics Internship

The Medical Informatics area offers the intern a broad view of the organization as well as the various internal and external constituents that we serve with analytic insights. Our goals for the summer internship program are to offer a comprehensive learning experience for the individual combined with specific project work that will be designed so that it is beneficial to the organization as well as the intern. Examples of potential internship projects include: Employer group reporting redesign competitive analysis, creation of a coding repository, and development of analytics to support a member action ability analytic record (MAAR). The intern will have exposure to and will collaborate with many internal departments within the organization, including Sales, Finance, Actuarial, Pharmacy, Health Services, Senior Programs, IT, Provider Network Management and Product Operations

For more details Harvard Pilgrim Wellesley Informatics Intern Job Description-23uwrk4

Healthy Living, Community Impact & the Environment

Healthy Living, Community Impact and the Environment

A Discussion with Jeff Bellows, Vice President Corporate Citizenship & Public Affairs, Blue Cross Blue Shield of Massachusetts

Thursday, November 15, 2018, 5:30 – 7:00 p.m.

University Hall, 4th floor, Room 4110

Join us to learn:

  • How communities can help foster health living
  • How Blue Cross integrates social responsibility & sustainability into business strategy
  • About a work culture that promotes healthy lifestyles enabling employees to
  • do their best work

Jeff leads the corporate citizenship and public affairs teams at Blue Cross Blue Shield of Massachusetts (BCBSMA), helping to enhance the company’s reputation through strategic community investments, focused volunteerism, environmental sustainability activities and effective outreach to community organizations, business and elected officials. He is responsible for strategically linking corporate social responsibility, public affairs activities and community investments to the overall business strategy of the company, highlighting BCBSMA’s commitment to corporate citizenship and grassroots initiatives in Massachusetts.

Jeff holds a bachelor’s degree in marketing from Boston College      and a master’s in political communications from Emerson College.

Vineyard Vines Experience & Values Leading to its Success

Business Intelligence and Supply Chain Management

The Vineyard Vines Experience and Values Leading to its Success


Wednesday, November 14, 2018

4:00 PM to 5:00 PM

University Hall, 3rd Floor, Room 3370


Vineyard Vines is excited to share its success story during the past 20 hears.  The Vineyard Vines team will address how the company values lead to a successful journey that its just the beginning of a wonderful future in the retail world.  Attend this information session to learn how to be a successful leader in the retail industry, and know about career opportunities for you at Vineyard Vines.



Spring 2019 Course Highlight: MBAMGT 680 Management of Health Organizations

MBAMGT 680 Management of Health Organizations

Professor Arthur Bowes

Thursday 5:30pm-8:15pm

University Hall- Y0-4190

Applies to meet MBA elective, specialization in Healthcare Management & Nonprofit Management

Applies to Healthcare Management Graduate Certificate requirement



– The Principles of Management and Contemporary Leadership Theories and how they apply to managing complex and changing Health Care Organizations. 

– Present and future challenges facing today and tomorrow’s Health Care Leader along with tools and techniques to adapt to these changes and challenges. 

– How to integrate clinical care programs into the strategic goals and plan of a Health Care Organization 

– How to identify and utilize your professional strengths and develop the skills to be an effective Health Organization Leader


– Analyzing current Health Care management cases and provide detailed analysis and problem solving techniques to understand management, stakeholder and environmental challenges that face Health Organizations. 

– Will work in interdisciplinary teams to identify and recommend solutions to challenging Health Care Management situations and challenges.


Enhance their professional development and personal leadership portfolio to enhance their value to their Health Organization

For more information contact Professor Arthur Bowes at arthur.bowes@umb.edu



Spring 2019 Course Highlight: MSIS 635 Health Information Analytics

MSIS 635 Health Information Analytics

Professor Kui ‘Andy’ Du


Applies to meet MBA elective, specialization in HI

Applies to meet MSBA &  MSIT elective


“Evidence-based Practice Needs Practice-based Evidence

  • Learn the Future of Health Care:

oAccumulation of Big Data in Health Care

oDigitization of Care Delivery

oDemocratization of Data and Analytics in Care Providing Organizations

oStrategic Management of Analytics for Health Care Managers

oPrepare oneself for the Coming Health Care Opportunities

  • Learn Data Analytical Skills in a Context

oHow to Prepare Data

oHow to Analyze Data

oHow to Interpret Results

oHow to Communicate Results

and a little bit R; No prior coding experiences required       

Spring 2019 Course Highlight: MSIS 642 Multivariate Statistics & Regression Analysis

MSIS 642 Multivariate Statistics & Regression Analysis

Professor Haijing Hao

Monday 5:30-8:15pm

University Hall Y-1300

Applies to meet MBA elective, specialization in BA & IS

Applies to meet MSBA requirement, MSIT elective &  BA Graduate Certificate elective

Regression analysis course introduces the fundamental concepts and applications of regression analysis, such simple linear regression, multiple regression, binary dependent variable regressions, time series analysis, panel data regression, instrumental variable regression, and some issues that we might face during those applications such as estimation, inference etc. This course will be the foundation for applied quantitative research for practical business problems or social science studies.

Assurance Seasonal MIDA Internship at PwC

Assurance Seasonal MIDA Intern Winter/Spring 2019 Nationwide at PricewaterhouseCoopers LLP (PwC)

PwC is a network of firms committed to delivering quality in assurance, tax and advisory services.

What will you do if you work in Assurance at PwC?
You’ll ask questions and test assumptions. You’ll help determine if companies are reporting information that investors and others can rely on. You’ll help businesses solve complex issues faced by management and boards. You’ll serve the public interest and the capital markets by conducting quality audits. Visit http://pwc.to/pwcassurance for more information on PwC’s Assurance practice.

The world is quickly changing, that’s why PwC is quickly adapting. We’re capitalizing on trends that will impact corporate reporting.

Our focus is on globalization, technology, sustainability and environmental reporting, population shifts and regulation. We combine skills and experience to help our clients address their challenges.
 NOTE: You will NOT be considered for a position unless you apply via the link below. Do not submit your resume on your school/university career website.
In order to be considered for one of PwC’s open positions, you must apply by visiting:

Job Number 26127294


We help resolve complex issues for our clients and identify opportunities. Learn more about us at www.pwc.com/us.

At PwC, we develop leaders at all levels. The distinctive leadership framework we call the PwC Professional (http://pwc.to/pwcpro) provides our people with a road map to grow their skills and build their careers. Our approach to ongoing development shapes employees into leaders, no matter the role or job title.

Are you ready to build a career in a rapidly changing world? Developing as a PwC Professional means that you will be ready
– to create and capture opportunities to advance your career and fulfill your potential. To learn more, visit us at www.pwc.com/careers.

Spring 2019 Course Highlight: MBAMS 638 Management Decision Models

MBAMS 638 Management Decision Models

Professor Hamed Yarmand

Thursday 5:30-8:15pm

Applies to meet MBA elective, specialization in Supply Chain Management

Applies to meet MSBA requirement. Applies to meet MSIT elective.


Improve your decision making

  • Learn how to

–Translate a real-world problem into mathematical language

–Analyze the problem using quantitative analysis tools

–Translate it back to the real-world to implement the results

  • Learn how to use mathematical modeling to

–Select a stock portfolio that will maximize the expected return

–Update the production plan dynamically as demand changes

–Schedule surgeries in operating rooms in a hospital

–Staff a bank at different times based on customer arrival rate

–Find the shortest path for a postal service truck to deliver its packages

–Allocate vaccine doses to different regions to minimize an epidemic

  • Also learn how to Consider uncertainty about the future in decision making
  • Want to know more? Email hamed.yarmand@umb.edu

Fall 2019 Course Highlight: MBA AF 697 Accounting Data Analytics

MBAACM 697 Special Topics: Accounting Data Analytics

Professor Surjit Tinaikar

Tuesday 5:30-8:15pm

Applies to meet MBA elective, specialization in Accounting

Applies to meet MSA elective


Emphasis on Analytical Skills

Learn problem assessment, data preparation, data analysis, data visualization of financial statement accounts and transactions.

Emphasis on Datasets

Hands-on learning on financial and accounting datasets such as CRSP and COMPUSTAT as well as financial statement data (via XBRL) from Fortune 100 companies.

Emphasis on Tools

Learn how to conduct data analysis using Excel, SQL, Tableau, IDEA and SAS.

Comparing and contrasting tools to determine which are best suited for basic data analysis, which are easiest for internal controls testing and so on.

Spring 2019 Course Highlight: MBAACM 697 Business Communication for Managers

MBAACM 697 Special Topics: Business Communication for Managers

Lecturer Janet D’Angelo

Tuesday 5:30-8:15pm

University Hall Y-04-4130

Applies to meet MBA elective, specialization in HR

Applies to meet MSBA & MSIT elective


MBAACM 697 teaches communication as an interactive classroom. Students are expected to come to class prepared to discuss the assigned readings; brainstorm, analyze, listen to and share ideas, write and revise drafts; and engage in individual and group work and oral presentations. Students will practice peer review of both individual and group writing assignments focusing on the attention to detail, clarity, concision, content, vocabulary, and sentence structure that is required in a professional business environment. Through participation in class discussions and projects students will engage in the essential communication skills that are a critical component of developing leadership skills to motivate and inspire others.


Benefits include:

  • understand the key ingredients in effective managerial writing, small group and public presentations.
  • express ideas, argue points professionally, and frame issues in a clear, concise, and confident manner.
  • develop the interpersonal communication skills needed to listen and communicate more effectively with a diverse group of people.