Is It Worth It?

Starting Graduate Business School is a big jump. In faith, financial investment and effort. Your time is a precious commodity; it’s important to consider all aspects before making the leap. Eagerness and determination to push forward, often commiserates with salary increase, career growth and expansion of your personal and professional identity.

MBA courses encourage students to hone their skills in resolving business challenges. Ultimately, this fosters students becoming more innovative and equipped with the tools needed to lead successfully.

Mike Catania, reflected, one of the major reasons for attending Business School was an aspiration to expand his network. “I got exactly what I wanted – access to brilliant classmates and faculty that I would never have encountered on my own. It’s difficult to ascribe a value to that, but I look at it as only temporarily intangible – the relationships forged over the next few years will positively affect my opportunities as an entrepreneur moving forward.”

A 2018 report on the financial return on investment for an MBA, shows the long-term profit. Notably, within 10 years of earning an MBA degree, the average  graduate had an estimated decade-long return on investment of $390,751, even after subtracting the tuition and opportunity costs. The average MBA salary varies according to concentration. According to a 2016 study by Poets & Quants, some graduates made close to twice as much as others based on the field entered.

The Graduate Management Admission Council (GMAC) conducts research reports on how graduates from business schools rate their experience during and after school. Their 2016 Alumni Perspectives Survey Report notes that 95% of MBAs heralded their degree as good, excellent, or outstanding value. More than four out of five reported that their expectations from their education were met. Further, 93% of alumni would in fact pursue a graduate management degree if they had to do it all over again.

UMass Boston, College of Management is currently accepting applications for the MBA Summer and Fall, 2020 semesters. We’re available to support getting over that next hurdle in your career.

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