The Benefits of Industry & Academic Research

Graduate school is a challenge.  As a full-time, employed student, taking on additional coursework part-time doesn’t come without its challenges. We’re with you. That said, the end result is more than worth the effort. This is absolutely the case for any class but especially an industry research practicum course which is structured differently than others.

This academic work is a fantastic opportunity to distinguish yourself amongst  peers and colleagues. Not only will you gain valuable research skills, but you’re in a position to potentially be included in a future publication which is a great resume builder, especially for those that want to focus their careers in research or incorporate their research skills into their daily work life. It’s a test of time management, but absolutely doable with the right milestones and project planning set in place.

Besides gaining the chance to be in a publication down the road, you’re challenging yourself to reach new heights with research of your industry and pursue a topic of interest that will help elevate your career. This positions you to bring something to the table at your company and propels you forward. Depending on your subject matter, you can open new doors and aquire resources and skills that are helpful in building any sort of proposal or argument in the future. The principles of this course work help you to think of things from a different perspective and the structure of these courses allows for collaboration skill development, which is in high demand in today’s professional climate.

Academic research courses like the ones offered through UMass Boston’s College of Management help to expand understanding of your academic field, define your pursuits and interests, foster valuable connections with faculty, provide experience that will expand your resume, develop critical thinking and leadership skills and explore research techniques. All while earning academic credit that is directly applied to your masters degree. A phenomenal investment of resources!


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