Journal of Aging and Social Policy special edition examines scope,
impact and lessons drawn from Covid-19 for older adults

A special double-issue of the Journal of Aging and Social Policy (JASP) that focused on Covid-19 has been released as a book. “Older Adults and Covid-19: Implications for Aging Policy and Practice” provides 28 articles written by leading gerontology researchers. The authors offer perspectives from around the globe on a host of issues surrounding the virus and its impact on older adults, their families, caregivers, and communities.

Edward Alan Miller

Editor-in-chief Edward A. Miller

Originally published in June 2020, this issue’s release as a book by Taylor & Francis Publishing indicates that the critical questions raised and the policy changes proposed to protect this vulnerable population moving forward deserve continued attention.

“This book is important because nearly everything addressed in the special issue six months ago is still relevant today which reflects poorly in our response as a nation,” said Edward Alan Miller, PhD, a professor at UMass Boston and editor-in-chief of JASP.

As Miller points out in the book’s introduction, older adults have been hit particularly hard by the pandemic. Exposure to the virus has resulted in older adults dying in disproportionately higher numbers, especially in long-term care facilities. Government-mandated actions to lessen the impact of the virus on older adults have had adverse consequences such as increased social isolation, separation from family members, enhanced economic risk, and challenges getting basic needs met.

The journal articles fall into eight categories: delivering long-term services and supports (LTSS) in the U.S.; financing LTSS in the U.S.; LTSS in other contexts; high-risk older adults in communities; families and caregivers of older adults; local government and community responses; economic risks for older workers and retirees; and, documenting and combating ageism. A concluding article addresses the post-Covid-19 recovery.

“Right now, we’re entering two new stages with this virus,” said Miller. “On the one hand, the virus outbreak is worse in terms of the numbers of people affected and hospitalized. On the other hand, there’s hope with the vaccine currently being distributed among healthcare providers and nursing home residents.”

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