Film of the Week: Almost Famous

“What thrums beneath “Almost Famous” is Cameron Crowe’s gratitude. His William Miller is not an alienated bore, but a kid who had the good fortune to have a wonderful mother and great sister, to meet the right rock star in Russell (there would have been wrong ones), and to have the kind of love for Penny Lane that will arm him for the future and give him a deeper understanding of the mysteries of women. Looking at William–earnestly grasping his tape recorder, trying to get an interview, desperately going to Bangs for advice, terrified as Ben Fong-Torres rails about deadlines, crushed when it looks as if his story will be rejected–we know we’re looking at a kid who has the right stuff and will go far. Someday he might even direct a movie like “Almost Famous.” Note: Why did they give an R rating to a movie perfect for teenagers?

– Roger Ebert

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