Our Mission

At Cinema @ UMB, we dedicate ourselves to increasing student rapport involving anything cinematic—-production, design, editing, film-making, film viewing. Content on our blog comes from UMass students, working in collaboration with each other as well as film students from colleges and universities across Boston.

Our goal is to attract film lovers from all backgrounds by providing knowledge and insight from contemporary film students in a way that is both entertaining and informative. By doing so, we hope to demonstrate the value of film as a genre of art, a way to command both the visual and literary symbolism captured in painting and literature alike. To coordinate this effort, we have created distinct categories of content which can be accessed on this blog:

  • Video Essays
    Video essays use visuals and commentary to bring one’s thought about film to life! Using pictures and videos to supplement their research in film. With the advances in technology and video equipment, academic papers are not the only way to share your analysis.

  • Original Films
    Originals Films are independent films created by UMASS Boston (or other universities). By posting them here we hope that they will have a further reach than just putting them on YouTube or other video sharing websites.

  • Film Reviews
    Film reviews are just what they sound like – movie reviews! These commentaries are meant to be opinionated so others will know whether or not a certain movie is worth their time. Come here to find out why the new movie in theatres was actually a flop, or why the movie from 1970 that you’re required to watch for class might actually be more enjoyable than you thought. (Or submit and tell us what you thought!)

  • Actor Profiles
    Thinking about becoming a performer or a movie critic? Or just simply want to stay in the loop before the next big award show? Actor profiles can help you catch up on your Hollywood knowledge! Whether you’re trying to figure out how many movies an actress has been in or if you’re trying to explore in depth where an actor was trained, you can get your info here!

  • Film Spotlights
    What makes a movie so unique? Is it the acting, the plot, the costumes, the soundtrack, the cinematography, the lighting, the scenery, or is it something else? There are so many elements to cinematic pieces that make them so amazing! Film spotlights will explore these important aspects in depth.

If you are interested in submitting your own work, or if you just have a good movie recommendation, please feel free to contact us: cinemastudies@umb.edu



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