BWP Sponsors Harbor School Poetry Team

Photo: Louder Than a Bomb Harbor School Team

Chris Tsang leads Harbor School's Poetry Team at Louder Than a Bomb Massachusetts

The Boston Writing Project sponsored a spoken word poetry team from the Harbor School under the guidance of Teacher Consultant Chris Tsang to enter into the first annual Louder Than a Bomb Massachusetts competition. Louder Than a Bomb is a gathering of youth spoken word poets first started in Chicago and is now starting up in other cities across the United States.

The team consisted of seven 8th graders in Mr. Tsang’s class who practiced their individual poems and a group poem for over a month. The teens wrote about a wide range of topics from love to how violence impacts their own lives to issues of race, socioeconomics, and culture. They were the only middle school team among
16 teams of high school age students.

Although the team did not advance to the semifinal round, they placed 2nd and 3rd in two bouts and came within two places of reaching the semifinals. The team plans to continue to stay together in the future and will prepare to enter next year’s competition under the sponsorship of the Boston Writing Project.