Special Issue on Education: Latest issue of the New England Journal of Public Policy available on ScholarWorks

New England Journal of Public PolicyThe most recent issue of the the New England Journal of Public Policy, now available on ScholarWorks, explores education policy, equity in education, and education reform. Summarizing the topics explored in this special issue, journal editor Padraig O’Malley writes: “There is a proliferation of education entrapments. Many argue persuasively, that the root of inequity in educational outcomes is growing poverty and resegregation. No Child Left Behind has become More Children Left Behind.”

The New England Journal of Public Policy has been published since 1985 by the John W. McCormack Graduate School of Policy and Global Studies (formerly the John W. McCormack Institute of Public Affairs) at the University of Massachusetts Boston. Full issues of the open access journal are available on ScholarWorks, the institutional repository for scholarship and research out of the University.

Apart from an introductory note by journal editor O’Malley, who is also the John Joseph Moakley Distinguished Professor of Peace and Reconciliation at UMass Boston, the contents of this special issue on education include:

To view the full issue, and to explore back issues of this publication, click here.

ScholarWorks is the University of Massachusetts Boston’s online institutional repository for scholarship and research. ScholarWorks serves as a publishing platform, a preservation service, and a showcase for the research and scholarly output of members of the UMass Boston community. ScholarWorks is a service of the Joseph P. Healey Library at UMass Boston.

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