Open access journal on eLearning practice and pedagogy launches on ScholarWorks

Current Issues in Emerging eLearningWe’re excited to announce the launch of a new, open access journal on ScholarWorks, the institutional repository for scholarship and research out of UMass Boston. Current Issues in Emerging eLearning (CIEE) is an open access, peer-reviewed, online journal of applied research and critical thought on eLearning practice and emerging pedagogical methods. The journal is published by the Center for Innovation and Excellence in eLearning, and sponsored by the College of Advancing and Professional Studies at the University of Massachusetts Boston.

In their foreword to the inaugural issue, editor-in-chief Apostolos Koutropoulos and managing editor Alan Girelli describe their intentions with this new publication: “We are eager to help build a community around the research and scholarly use of eLearning theory and eLearning technologies within and across educational sectors. You as a reader, researcher, and practitioner play a vital role in this emerging community. As you read through the articles, we encourage you to contact the writers with your thoughts, comments, and ideas, and be in contact with the Center for Innovation and Excellence in eLearning […] In this way we will continue to participate in mindful and active engagement with these intriguing emerging topics, and continue to establish findings on eLearning as a distinct body of knowledge, serving as a connection point for critical thought in the field.”

Apart from the foreword by Koutropoulos and Girelli, the contents of the inaugural issue of Current Issues in Emerging eLearning include:

The editors will be releasing a formal call for papers for upcoming issues soon. Visit for more information.

ScholarWorks at UMass Boston is a hosted, open access, institutional repository that establishes a new foundation for providing access to scholarly work and research. ScholarWorks is the digital collection of UMass Boston’s intellectual output that centralizes, makes accessible, and preserves knowledge produced by the institution. A service of the University Libraries, the site is fully indexed and accessible via search engines like Google. At present, there are more than 4,000 publications openly available to researchers around the world through ScholarWorks.

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