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Audio issue in class


I’m having a problem connecting the audio cable in the classrooms as the audio jack is on the other side of iPad from the dock and the cables in most classes are too short to reach.  if they reach, it disconnects the projector or I have to work with the cables covering the ipad surface.

Any luck with getting AirPlay to work?




  1. Is this happening in the Tech Classrooms around campus or in the Healey 8th floor Art Studio? The Art Department services that room in Healey. Jeff Wade has suggested that iPad users might want to buy a short 3.5mm male to female extension cable for themselves which would allow them to plug into the audio socket more easily if they are finding they can not make the audio cable in the TEC room reach… we may want to keep one with the cart as well… Chris

  2. Here is an example of that cable from Musician’s Friend for $3.99

  3. I haven’t used AirPlay but have found that playing audio or video with audio right from the iPad itself has been loud enough. I also have a little speaker I can connect right to the iPad itself for more volume (FWIW, I had so much trouble using the speaker through black box when using a laptop in class that I gave up and am leery of it.)

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