Masters Thesis Defense: Bjoern P Stengel

Title: Corporate responses to Rana Plaza: a comparative case study

Members of the defense committee

Professor Alessia Contu (Adviser/Chair, Dept. of Management and Marketing),

Professor  Atreya Chakraborty (Reader/MTO program director)

Friday, July 17, 2015 at 2 PM

McCormack Building – 5th floor – Room 614 Deans Conference Room

Abstract: The thesis deals with corporate responses to the Rana Plaza building collapse and compares the efforts that have been made within the two major frameworks that emerged after the event: the Bangladesh Accord on Fire and Building Safety and the Alliance for Bangladesh Worker Safety. It is designed as a comparative case study, which aims to provide a deeper understanding regarding what has been done by Western companies, local manufacturers, labor unions, and the Bangladeshi government until today and what still needs to be done in order to create sustainable change in working conditions in the clothing industry in this area.

Fall 2015 course highlight of the week-MBAMGT 684 Social Enterprise

Have you ever wondered about how business can address critical issues like poverty, hunger and food security, inequality, global warming, environmental sustainability, and other important challenges? Or, are you considering starting your own business and wonder about how it could benefit your community beyond just providing jobs or cool goods and services?

Join us for MBAMGT 684L Social Enterprise in fall 2015

You will:

  • Develop a thorough understanding of social entrepreneurship and social enterprise, including the concepts, opportunities and challenges associated social entrepreneurship.
  • Learn how social entrepreneurs create innovative responses to critical social needs such as those mentioned above.
  • Be prepared personally and professionally for meaningful employment by reflecting on the issues of social entrepreneurship.
  • Learn about how social enterprises combine for-profit with non-profit practices to create meaningful social impact while capturing economic value and building a successful business.

If you have any questions please contact Nardia Haigh:

Enroll and be inspired. We’d love to see you.

Healthcare Specialization – new for MBA degree students

Starting Fall 2015, the College of Management Graduate Programs will be offering a new specialization – Healthcare Informatics.

The Healthcare Informatics Certificate has been available for a few years now, but now full MBA students can choose to focus on this emerging area as part of their degree completion requirements by taking the prescribed classes as electives for the MBA degree.

You can read more about the Healthcare Informatics classes on the certificate page as well.

MSIS 632 Introduction to Health Informatics (3 credits)
MSIS 633 Health Information Exchange: Management & Technology (3 credits)
MSIS 634 Health Information Privacy & Security (3 credits)
MSIS 635 Health Information Analytics (3 credits)