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Featured Fall Courses: Social/Nonprofit Marketing and Management of Health Organizations

Professor Louise Parker joined the College of Management’s faculty in 2014 and is leading efforts to expand healthcare management and policy education as well as research. Professor Parker comes to UMass Boston from a long career in healthcare policy and research including social change marketing. Previously, Professor Parker was a researcher and policy analyst at RAND, an internationally renowned think tank, a Professor of Organizational Behavior at The Frederick S. Pardee RAND Graduate School, and a consultant to Healthcare organizations nationwide. She has also been at Stanford University, the University of Michigan, and the University of Sheffield in the United Kingdom. Professor Parker will be teaching two courses this Fall 2015:

  • Social and Non-Profit Marketing (Special Topics MBAMKT, 697) is a new course that is of interest not only to MBA students in the Healthcare Management track but also to students in Environmental Management and Nonprofit Management.
  • Management of Health Organizations (MBAMGT 680)


Social Change Marketing
(Special Topics MBAMKT 697)
Mondays 5:30 P.M. to 8:15 P.M.
Instructor: Professor Louise Parker 

Why can’t you sell brotherhood and rational thinking like you can sell soap? –  G.D. Weibe

Social marketing seeks to benefit either society as a whole or a segment of the population (e.g., a particular vulnerable population) via influencing behavior.  Nonprofit Marketing primarily involves promoting socially beneficial services and goods (e.g., health care services, educational opportunities, arts performances, museum shows). Additionally, nonprofits can and do employ social marketing to raise funds and engage volunteers.

This course will enable students to gain valuable practical skills that are relevant in a broad range of fields including environmental, healthcare, and nonprofit management, marketing, and public health. Students will examine the functions of social and nonprofit marketing as well as the ways that they both dovetail with and differ from for-profit marketing. And working in teams, students will develop social marketing programs.

Most relevant MBA specializations: Health Care Management, Environmental Management, Nonprofit Management, and Marketing.

Prerequisites:             None.


Management of Health Organizations
(MBAMGT 680)
Wednesday 07:00 P.M. to 09:45 P.M.
Instructor: Professor Louise E. Parker 

According to the World Bank, the U.S. healthcare industry accounts for approximately 18% of the total Gross Domestic Product. Not only is it a large industry but one that is also highly complex, dynamic, and affects everyone throughout their entire lives. This course explores the roles of the health systems manager as planner, organizer, leader, and integrator of health programs. Particular attention is given to how these roles differ from a manager’s roles in other industries, as well as to the special demands made of the manager in a health systems organization.

Most relevant MBA specializations: Health Care Management and Nonprofit Management.


Please email Professor Parker if you have any questions about either of these courses:

Student Profile/Course Highlights: Svet Miloshev

by Svetlozar Miloshev.

I am an MBA candidate specializing in International Business and Finance. I work as a Department Head in a luxury hotel in downtown Boston. It is a highly demanding position. My day starts as I wake up at 5am, and sometimes ends at 7 or 8pm. I am passionate about management and serving society while providing value for my organization. I continued my education at the College of Management in UMass to gain tacit knowledge and critical skills that will help me to further advance my career. I have found that choosing the right MBA courses, which will help me develop new skills and knowledge, is imperative. Thus, I would like to share my experiences about two strongly recommended courses.

I would like to advise you to consider joining the Graduate Student Managed Fund/Asset Management Practicum (MBA AF 632).  I took it in spring ’15 and it has been a vital instrument for helping me reach new momentum in my graduate career. The course provides great networking opportunities, fun seminar-style discussions, and essential finance-related technical skills. The course is a simulation of a real-world working environment and fosters teamwork, communication, and leadership.

The Bloomberg terminals at the Healey Library are a wealth of knowledge. I became Bloomberg certified 3 years ago. Since then, the Bloomberg idea has expanded into few terminals and a dedicated space at the Healey Library. Here is more information for anyone interested:

Second, if you would like to be a leader that solves macro and not micro problems, I would advise you to join the exquisite MBA MGT 677 Globalization & Multinational Corporations. I took the course in spring ’15 and it has been a real eye opener and a journey in the world of globalization and MNEs. The course fosters your problem defining skills, critical thinking, and independent research project related to your industry field. The class lectures and discussion are applicable to multiple industries and the reading materials foster fast learning curve. If you are looking for the course that will set you apart from the competition and will provide you the fundamentals for success this class must be your choice.

Best Regards,

Svetlozar Miloshev