Malware Analysis Course Offered This Fall

Malware analysis is big business, and attacks can cost a company dearly. When malware breaches your defenses, you need to act quickly to cure current infections and prevent future ones from occurring.  Malware Analysis is a part of a computer forensics arsenal and an inherent part of the response to cybercrime.

For those who want to stay ahead of the latest malware, Malware Analysis [ IT 421 - graduate credit awarded] will teach you the tools [software, procedures] and techniques used by professional analysts. With this course as your guide, you’ll be able to safely analyze, debug, and disassemble any malicious software that comes your way.

Meeting Time: Monday, 5:30pm-8:15pm
Instructor: Jean-Pierre Kuilboer
Pre-Requisite: MBAMS 640
Functional Area/Specialization: Information Systems

Thursday: Free startup dinner event: Localytics

Please direct all inquiries about this event to 


Hello all,

To further connect summer interns and new grads to Boston’s vibrant ecosystem, we wanted to make you aware of a (free) startup dinner at Localytics this Thursday, August 7th. Attendees will have the opportunity to meet with Henry Cipolla (Founder & CTO) and Adam Buggia (Director of Engineering), enjoy a great meal in their new office (sponsored by Localytics) and learn more about the inner workings of one of Boston’s hottest companies.

When: Thursday, August 7, 5:30pm-6:30pm

Where: Localytics (101 Arch Street, 8th Floor, Boston, MA 02110)

Apply: Here

It’s a terrific opportunity to connect & network with the company’s leadership, hear about their entrepreneurial journey to date, and learn more about how they continue to rapidly grow their team. If you’re in the Boston area this summer and are interested in taking advantage of it, you can register here.

Edel Freitas
Program Manager
Venture Development Center
UMass Boston

Healthcare Informatics

The College of Management recently launched a graduate certificate in Healthcare Informatics. This fall we are offering 2 courses (see below for more details). The courses will apply as elective courses for students in the MBA program, functional area IS and specialization in IS and Healthcare Management. The courses will also apply as elective courses for students enrolled in the MSIT program.

If you have questions regarding how the course(s) will apply to your degree requirements, you may email For more information and specific details about the courses, you may contact Professor


MSIS632 (online)

This course provides an overview of relevant concepts in healthcare information technology. This introductory course assumes that students have little knowledge about terminologies about healthcare, information technology, and affiliation between the two. The course provides core definitions and concepts of healthcare and healthcare informatics. Attributes and functions of Electronic Health Records (EHR). Health Information Technology (HIT) systems from a variety of settings as well as functional aspects of interoperability within and between systems are examined.  The concepts of usability, consistency, and reliability in regards to HIT systems and how each contributes to, or detracts from, effectiveness will be presented. An overview of the concepts of privacy, security, and confidentiality of protected health information (PHI) in relation to HIT systems will be presented.  Patient-centered care will be defined and explained. We conclude the course with a focus upon future directions for HIT.  New areas of research and development in HIT will be examined.  Students will gain a foundational understanding of these areas and will debate appropriateness and feasibility of new HIT development areas.


The main objective of this introductory course is to introduce the principal concepts in healthcare informatics and create a foundation for learning the remaining courses offered by the certificate. At the completion of this course students should have an understanding of:


  1. History of Modern Healthcare in the US,
  2. Health Information Systems and Health Informatics
  3. Electronic Health Records  and Clinical Decision Support Systems
  4. Common elements of the HIT system.
  5. Working with Health IT Systems:
  6. Patient-centered care and suggest HIT-enabled solutions/strategies to enhance patient involvement in health and healthcare.
  7.  The effectiveness of HIT systems in supporting patient-centered care.



There is no text book required for this course. Course materials consists of audio and video presentations as well as interactive technology made possible by a team of medical and IT professionals at John Hopkins University.  These materials are supplemented by case studies, articles, and have been customized to fit the structure and design of online certificate. All materials will be available to students, at no cost, on Blackboard Learning System (BLS).  Detailed instructions will be provided as how and where to access the course materials for each session.


Required Resources:  Computer, Microsoft Office, PowerPoint, Flash player (free download), mp3 player (free download), Learning Management System.


MSIS633 (online)

The course emphasizes the values and principles of quality healthcare via integration and access to reliable patient and transaction information. There is a general consensus that, “having ready access to timely, complete, accurate, legible, and relevant information is critical to health care organizations.”  Delivering quality health care requires the integration of patient health information from many different sources; the  health providers must be able to readily access and use the right information at the right time and  patients should be able to access their health information in order  to self- manage their conditions. There are substantial barriers, however, to the exchange of health information through electronic interoperability. Such an exchange would require extended technical and political processes and involve standardization and modification of current information systems. Electronic exchange of health information also raises questions about policies and procedures regarding confidentiality, security, and identity management. The success of interoperability between healthcare computer systems depends on implementation and deployment of appropriate standards, such as Health Information Technology Standards Panel (HITSP) and Health Level Seven International (HL7). As the nature of healthcare is evolving due to advances in technology, health information exchange is taking an important role to improve the quality of healthcare.


The course is designed not only to help students understand the HIE as a catalyst for deployment of HIT, but stimulate their thinking process in terms of utilization of information technology in health care. This objective is met through a variety of assignments:

  • Reading the text book helps students understand the concept and basics of Health Information Technology (HIT).
  • Reading supplementary materials that include published articles, government and industry reports, and real world case studies help students understand the practical aspect of Health Information Exchange (HIE).
  • Students are introduced to data transport and application programming interface (API) via simple examples using XML and Web services.
  • Term papers, online discussions and encouraging students to find additional materials help students think analytically while searching, sorting, and selecting relevant  and meaningful information


Course Materials for the course includes a text book: Health Care Information Systems: A Practical Approach for Health Care Management, 2e, K. A. Wager, F.W Lee, and J.P Glaser, Wiley Paperback, 2009. Also available in e-book, a collection of printed and online documents supplementing course chapters and lecture topics for each week are provided. The source of these documents varies from academic papers to government reports and industry reports. Powerpoint slides are provided containing the highlights of weekly lecture topics and a series of questions on the relevant topic. Videos are collected from online sources for each topic and made available to students via links. All class materials will be posted on the course management system.


Required Resources:  Computer, Microsoft Office, PowerPoint, Flash player (free download), mp3 player (free download), Learning Management System.



About the Professor

Professor Ashrafi is teaching both courses online. She is a professor of information systems and started her work on the technology side of healthcare in 2010. The three times Winner of Fulbright grant, ashrafi has collaborated with universities abroad extensively. She is two times winner of IBM Academic Initiative and Analytics Talent Initiative and works closely with IT industry nation-wide. She was the Chair of Executive Committee of Faculty Council at UMB for six consecutive years. She has conducted workshops and seminars on various IT- related topics in Europe, Russia, Mexico, and China. She is ISO9000 certified and the author of “ Object Oriented System Analysis and Design” published by Pearson inc.


For more information about her, please see:



Marketing Internship Opportunity: Venture Development Center at UMass Boston

**This is an external internship opportunity. Applications and inquiries should not be sent to the College of Management. Any questions can be directed to Thank you!**

The Venture Development Center at UMass Boston is hiring a program management & marketing intern! The VDC is looking for this person to start as soon as possible. Scheduling is highly flexible; 8-10 hours per week.

Click to view full job description and application instructions.

Good luck!

Starting your career or business? Check out the Entrepreneurship Sales & Marketing Course (MKT465)

Dear Students,

Join one of UMBs most celebrated courses, built and delivered by entrepreneurs from Boston’s leading innovation companies:

If you’d like to get a head start on your own business or just want to secure that first high-paying job, consider signing up for MKT 465 for Fall 2014 semester through WISER now. Graduate students are allowed to enroll in MKT 465 and receive a graduate level credit. If you have any questions please contact

Job Opportunity: Accounting Associate

**This is an external job opportunity. Applications and inquiries should not be sent to the College of Management.**

Corporate Accountability International, a powerhouse in challenging corporate abuse for more than 35 years, is seeking an
Accounting Associate to ensure the development and implementation of key financial functions across the organization,
with particular attention to general ledger activities.

To Apply: Visit Attach your résumé to the online application,
and include a cover letter and list of three to five references. Please include where you heard about the position. If you are
having trouble uploading, please email your materials to Sarah Bennett at

Click here to view the full job description.

Questions about this opportunity may also be directed to

How to register for the Capstone class: MBAMGT 689

How to register for the Capstone class: MBAMGT 689 

To register for the capstone: MBAMGT 689 Strategic Management you would use the registration request form link:

Once the CM office receives your request, we will verify your degree progress and if eligible, we will register you for the section of the class that you have indicated through the form. These requests are processed within 24-48 hours, so please check your Wiser account to verify before you check with us to verify.

We will contact you if we notice a reason that you would not be eligible at the time of submitting the request to be enrolled in the class.


CM Grad Academic Advisors: Tara Norton and Jeff Masse

CM Graduate students have the option to work with either of the academic advisors, Tara Norton or Jeff Masse. Tara and Jeff will both provide responsive and flexible advising, whether in person, over the phone or via email.

If you have registration questions, holds to address or are looking for course planning, be sure to reach out to one of us.

Tara Norton, Associate Program Director

Available appointment times for Tara are Monday, 10am-4pm, Wednesday & Thursday 10am-1pm. If needed, appointments can be arranged outside of these times to accommodate your schedule.

Jeff Masse, Graduate Program Specialist

Available appointment times for Jeff are Tuesdays and Thursdays 1:30pm-4:00pm. If needed, appointments can be arranged outside of these times to accommodate your schedule.

Introducing Our New Career Services Specialist, Deb Federico

Deborah Federico, Career Specialist for the College of Management

Deborah is available to meet with College of Management students regarding all aspects of career planning such as resume and cover letter writing; interview preparation/mock interviews; career exploration; networking strategies; LinkedIn usage; and job and internship search strategies. To make an appointment with Deborah, please call the Career Services & Internships Office at 617-287-5519. On Mondays, Wednesdays, and Thursdays Deborah meets with students on the fifth floor of the McCormack Building (please check in at the College of Management reception area). On Tuesdays and Fridays she meets with students in the Career Services Office in the Campus Center – 1st Floor – 1300 Suite.

Featured Section of MBAMGT 689: Strategic Management

STRATEGIC MANAGEMENT (MBAMGT 689) is being offered again this fall (2014) by Prof. M. Suhaib Riaz: Only one section is offered by him, so enroll early!

Prof. Riaz is a winner of multiple teaching awards, including the Joan Moon Award at UMass Boston (twice) and MBA Professor of the Year Award (in an earlier position). He is also an award-winning scholar who is engaged with the latest industry challenges, building upon his professional experience.

What recent MBA students have to say about Prof. Riaz’s course:

“This course was a perfect capstone summary of the entire MBA process at UMass Boston.”

“I found the course to be very informational and interesting. Discussions were always lively and created different points of view…”

“I constantly applied the lessons and the case studies to the end, and I have been extremely satisfied with the results.”

“The cases studies were also very motivating for MBA graduating students, by opening up our eyes to all of the potential opportunities we have ahead.”

“I liked how we had a structure and how we went over the cases through class discussion…I was able to grasp the concept of what we were doing…enjoyed how we continuously put fresh ideas up on the board.  We would generate class discussion and everyone contributed in the discussions. “

“After this class I know I have a foundation of strategy competence to be successful.”

“The class was a great conclusion to my years as an MBA student at UMass Boston. It provided great takeaways as I move on with my degree.”

Job Openings at MassPort

***These are external job opportunities. Applications and inquiries should NOT be sent to the College of Management. 

You can apply online by going to, clicking on “about Massport”; then “working at Massport”; then “job opportunities”; then the job title you are interested in; and finally on the “Apply link.

Click to view job descriptions:





MBAMKT 693 Entering International Markets – Online

MBAMKT 693 Entering International Markets with Ed Romar
Fall 2014 – online 

  • Join us for a marketing adventure and gain “hands on experience” in a real life business challenge!
  • Work with colleagues from several European countries in cross-cultural teams.
  • Make yourself more marketable.
  • Entering International Markets is recognized as an innovative, leading edge course.

At the University of Massachusetts Boston virtual team projects encourage students to collaborate, create and communicate with counterparts across the world.”  BizEd, The Magazine of the AACSB, (our accrediting body) March/April 2012.

What you will come away with:

An understanding of the challenges of the contemporary global business environment and the skills necessary to compete successfully in a dynamic, technological and rapidly changing world.

What graduate students say about this course:

“Enjoyed taking this course. I enjoyed the way this course is set up. Would definitely recommend it to others.”

“I loved this course and want nothing more than for it to succeed.”

“It was an experience. Thanks.”

This is very useful and modern way to study. Doing this ‘international’ studies, students may know people from other countries and learn know to work with people from other cultures. It was a big experience for me and I am very glad I took this course.”

Improve your marketability by enrolling in MBAMKT 693 Entering International Markets. Come join us in the fall for a challenging, exciting and fun course!  Contact Dr. Edward Romar at  for more information.