Executive Opportunity with the Nature Conservancy

**This is an external job opportunity. Inquiries should not be directed to the College of Management.**

The Nature Conservancy has just posted their search for a Global Diversity and Inclusion Director. It will be posted for 4 weeks. People interested may go to this link to see the posting, job description and for online application:


The job ID is 42997.

The position is expected to require being based at Conservancy headquarters in Arlington, VA (just outside DC) although there might be some wiggle room for the right outstanding candidate if they were located in a major US metro area.

This is going to be the highest ranking position related to diversity in the global organization, reporting up to the Chief Operating Officer. The salary will be at a nonprofit level (around $200K) with good benefits. As you may know, The Nature Conservancy is the world’s largest conservation organization working in 50 states and 35 countries around the world. Diversity is positioned strategically, with the Leveraging Difference approach (Davidson, 2011) the major paradigm.

Registration Starts Soon! Here’s What You Need To Know


This is a reminder that registration for the summer and fall semesters begins on Monday, April 6. This post contains important information about registration and advising; please read it carefully.

Although all students can register for summer classes on April 6, fall registration dates are based on the number of credits you have completed. Students with fewer credits will have a slightly later registration date. To view your specific enrollment date, log into WISER. You will see a box on the right side of the page that says “Enrollment Dates” – this will tell you your registration date.

Please also take a moment to review our current student resources page and current student FAQ.

Here are some other things you need to know:

If you receive an error message when trying to register for a class in WISER, fill out the online Registration Request form. This is especially common when you have waived the pre-requisite for a certain class (for example: if you are trying to register for MBA AF 611, and you waived MBA AF 610). You do not need to visit the office to be enrolled - simply complete the web form, and a member of our staff will verify that you meet the pre-requisites and enroll you within 24-48 hours. You will receive an email confirmation when your registration is processed.

  • NOTE: You should also use the registration request form for any class that has an instructor permission or department consent code in WISER, including capstone classes.Any holds on your account must be resolved in order to register for classes. Many offices on campus review accounts and place holds in the weeks leading up to registration. It is important that you actively check your WISER account, and resolve any holds that may appear. The College of Management cannot override holds, or remove holds that have been placed by other departments. Some common holds are:

    Emergency Contact Verification - Simply log into WISER to verify your emergency contact information, and the hold will come off instantly.
    Past Due Balance - Balances must be current in order for this hold to be removed. Payment should be made to the bursar’s office, and inquiries should also be directed to the bursar’s office.
    Immunization - This hold is placed on your account if University Health Services requires some additional documentation from you. Inquiries should be directed to 617-287-5660 or immunizations@umb.edu.
    Advising – This is placed on the accounts of new students, and is sometimes placed on the accounts of other students for academic reasons. To have an advising hold removed, please contact your advisor.

  • Academic Advising: Advising can be done by email or by appointment. We do not have walk-in advising. For email advising, please contact your advisor as follows:Last names A-M: Jeff Masse, Jeffrey.Masse@umb.edu
    Last names N-Z: Tara Norton, Tara.Norton@umb.edu

    To request an appointment, you can email the office at GradCM@umb.edu.

  • MBA Students: You can use the Master Course List to view functional area and specialization designations for your electives.

The fall 2015 is now available to view in WISER. Please take a few minutes to review the available course offerings and determine whether you will need any assistance with your fall semester registration.