Welcome From Urban Scholar: Citlali Pena

Welcome From Urban Scholar: Citlali Pena

Citlali is standing against a wall.

Citlali is an intern at the Edward M. Kennedy Institute as a  tour guide. She told us that she was pretty shy before working there. Citlali never wanted to make eye contact with anyone and she was always nervous when she had to explain something to anybody. Thanks to her “amazing” internship, she is now more able to communicate about deep things like politics and even simple things like where bathrooms are located.

This is a poster about John Kennedy.

Co-leading group tours and giving orientations to people about the institute made her more efficient at talking to people. Also, as a high school rising senior, she got a lot of advice from college students that also work there; about the college process. This helped her a lot. “The people who work at there are so nice and very helpful so I feel like they are my second family.”

A conference room occupied by some students

Also, Citlali is very grateful to Urban Scholars, for helping her to acquire the internship. They are the reason why she gained life experiences and more information about the college. She claims that her experience is positive and she is very thankful for this program.

A long artwork of some people and text .

This is an artwork that describes a lot of things in the country; such as immigration, civil right, diversity.

The way the office of Edward M Kennedy looks like.

An example of Senator Edward M Kennedy’s Senate office.

This is a chess board with the porn as senators