Urban Scholars: Talent show 2018

Urban Scholars: Talent show 2018

On this day,  scholars were given the opportunity to share something unique and special about them with their classmates and staff. There were many great performances, but one that caught our eyes was when the teams combined and danced as one. They were happy and supportive!


Scholars performing "When I am gone" with cups.

Scholars performing “when I am gone” by Eminem with cups and keeping up with the beat.

Three students waiting for the performance.

Three scholars patiently waiting for the performance.

TA's and scholars dancing together.

TA’s and Scholars dancing to “Segura O Corpo” by The Grove.

Scholars dancing.

Scholars and TA’s expressing themselves through dance.

Scholars dancing.

Scholars getting ready to perform.

Scholars performing " Together" from High School Musical.

Scholars performing, “We’re all in this together” from High School Musical.

Seeing how supportive and energetic everyone was throughout the show, made was very happy. It showed us that we can always count on our classmates and staff for support and comfort.