Camp Shriver: Team Sports

Camp Shriver: Team Sports

One of the things, Camp Shriver is trying to achieve this summer is building student relationships of trust, support, and respect. Through sports, students were able to form that type of relationship because the staff made sure that they all were winners.

For Helen and I, going to the gym creates a challenge because we were not provided with  opportunities like Camp Shriver when we were younger. Also, we didn’t have the privilege to interact with so many different students.

The student are in the gym playing basketball

Students playing basketball in the gym.

little children waiting in turns

Students accompanied by their TA while playing.

The student are on a straight line

Students waiting for their turns.

The children are in two lines to take turns

The student divides into two groups to take turns.

This girl is running with the ball in her hand

A student gets ready to score.

A girl that is bending down

A student patiently waits for her turn.

the children are practicing randomly

According to an interview we had with one of the staff, Dom, he said that,  “It depends on the kids because we make sure that there isn’t a winner but more of teamwork and team building. We also get children involved by making them cheer for their peers to develop the skill of team building.”