Welcome Back Talent Search/ Project REACH

Welcome Back Talent Search/ Project REACH

Talent Search/Project REACH is a program that provides young students and post-secondary dropouts with various opportunities such as helping them keep track of their education and self-empowerment skills.

 Our first encounter with The Talent Search/Project REACH was heartwarming. The students and staff treated us with kindness and respect. While we were taking pictures, we could tell that the students were very passionate about their art and very energetic during afternoon activities.

A woman working in a office.

The Project REACH Educational Outreach Counselor, Sara dos Santos, pose for a picture at her desk.


A girl painting.

A student enjoying and expressing her emotions through art.

Students painting.

The students were told by their teacher to do a self-reflection art project.

Students making art

We interviewed the teacher of the ARTSY class about the purpose/goal of her class, She responds “The goal of ARTSY is to help students understand themselves through art. Since many students might not feel loved or appreciated, this class teaches them how to empower themselves. We hope that they will learn how to appreciate the community they live in”.

What they’re teaching to their students is very important because youth are our future.