Urban Scholars Program: Team Competition 2&3

Urban Scholars Program: Team Competition 2&3

Having fun is one of the themes for the Urban Scholars Program.  They know that the summer is supposed to be a resting time for the students and to keep their spirits alive with the weekly team competitions. Trust us, these games were not as simple as they look. From our experience, they are very technical but also fun. Although winning was important, each team cheered for other teams.

Team Competition 2

For this competition,  the student had 60 seconds to finish the task for each game.

A girl with cups in her hands

This girl is supposed to arrange the cups back to its original order.

A girl with a balloon in her hand

She is going to use the balloon in her hand to make the cups fall off the table.

 A boy as a biscuit on his eyes

He puts an oreo biscuit on his forehead, and he uses his face to move the oreo biscuit to his mouth.

Students standing two opposite sides of the table with cups on the table.

These students put balls into the cups on the table.

A boy with pencils in his hand.

In this game, he needs to put two pencils on the back of his hand and then flip it to his palm, then repeat the same for 10 other pencils.

Two girls are with boards

Team Competition 3

The student standing and were also listening to the coordinator

The students in blue and green team were standing.

A group of student playing baskball

 A set of student running for the ball