This little  boy saying no to bullying. He will fight against bullying, be confident and be happy.

Camp Shriver: Anti-Bullying Presentation

Our first encounter with Camp Shriver Program was educational. It was the first time we learned about a program that brings children with or without disabilities together.  It is very inspiring seeing students with different backgrounds working together as a team.

We watched the anti-bullying presentation with the student at Camp Shriver. We thought to ourselves that people tend to believe that because they have more power than others, it gives them the right to treat them the way they want. That is not true! Bullying leads to a harmful situation such as low self-esteem, negative thoughts, and social phobia. It’s mostly common among teenager and kids.  

Some student are sitting on the floor looking forward.

The students listening to a presentation about bullying.

Camp Shriver is a program that treats every single student equally. It’s the type of program that influences the youth to treat each other with respect, kindness, and consideration.

Two girls whispering into each other's ear.

A lot of children have their hands raised to answer a quetion.

The children show attentive listening by answering questions.

A girl facing forward on the floor.

A sea shell that is decorated with different colors of pebbles and painted pink and red.

Having an adult teaching students the impact of bullying is very important and inspiring because we don’t see it as often in school. What we saw at Camp-Shriver was something that we’ve never witnessed before. The students were ready to face any struggle with confidence, happiness, and with the support of each other.