Welcome From Urban Scholars: Katia Pinto

Welcome From Urban Scholars: Katia Pinto

Katia standing beside a tree.

My name is Katia Pinto, a scholar from the Urban scholars programs and a rising senior at Jeremiah E burke high school. I live with my mother and two sisters. I’ve been doing Urban Scholars Program for almost 3-years. I used to be a shy person and didn’t have the courage to speak in front of a class, or talk to people about my feelings, or things that’s happening at home. The staff and scholars at UMass Boston made me feel like part of their family.

Over the years,  I’ve grown into a more confident and outgoing student. It’s my first year working on the Summer Youth Blog and I’m so excited to see how working on a website would give me experience in media.

Me and my little sister posing.

I am interested on attending a college and major in the sciences. Also, because when I first arrived to the United States, I was given many opportunities and chances, I want to become a doctor or a teacher in order to give back to the community and provide the next generation with the same advantages that were given to me.

Therefore, in life we all have someone that we look up to and inspire us to be a better person and to do things that has a greater impact on our community and our lives. For me it’s Domingas, my Grandmother. She’s a 56 years old woman with a stunning personality, an independent and a strong woman who raised 12 kids on her own. She’s a black woman who used to live in on a small Island called “Brava” located in Cape Verde which was colonized by Portugal. I am inspired by her because of her strength to work to provide for her family without letting anything  stopping her and also by her willingness to help those in need with pride and honesty. She is an honorable and  devoted person. She helps people without expecting anything in return.