Urban Scholars: Team Competition

Urban Scholars: Team Competition

To kick off a good start for the summer, the scholars started with a team competition.  The team competition was about games. The scholars played two games, Uno stack, and Pictionary.

A room full of scholars getting ready for the team competition.

The teams warming up for the competition.

Each team separate theirselves from other team to have an discussion.

Each team divides into two groups for the competition.

Green team having fun among theirselves while waiting for the other teams to get ready for the competition.

The green team decides to have some fun among themselves while waiting for the other the teams to get ready.

Blue team getting ready for the competition.

The blue team discusses how the members should separate themselves in order to have the same amount of players in each game.



All four Teams playing pictionary.

All four teams cheer their teammates on while playing Pictionary.

teams playing Uno Stack.

The red team thinking of their next move.