STEM EDX 20-21 Workshop 2

STEM Educational Excellence in Remote Instruction – Workshop 2


Engagement Activities

During the workshop, various engagement activities were embedded. This google document provides a growing list of information on how to use the engagement activities used during the STEM EDX workshops, why to use that particular engagement activity, and potential uses for the engagement activity. The engagement activities used in Workshop 1 were:

  • Same or different, using virtual “fast friendship” questions and Poll Everywhere
  • Word cloud to capture students’ ideas to build from
  • Gallery walk using Jamboard
  • Utility value assignment

How-To Information

During the workshop, various activities involved technology that was being used in specific ways. Each document provides instructions on how these activities were carried out, and links to where to find more information.

Samples from STEM Faculty

During and after the workshop, ideas were shared on ways that faculty have structured special supports for remote teaching and learning. Examples shared by faculty are shared here, which can be adapted by other faculty for use.

Infographics Around Specific Issues Covered in the Workshop

The workshop organizers created infographics based on major focuses of the workshop.

  • Summary of Meeting 2: shows how the major engagement activities in the workshop relate to cognition, identity & community, and power
  • Summary of 5E learning cycle model for use in undergraduate STEM lesson planning of remote instruction classes

Websites with Remote Instruction Resources for STEM Faculty

Compendium of learning cycle models
Summary of hundreds of learning cycle models, starting with the 5E model.

eCampus Ontario’s quick start guide for remote
This is a practical guide for teaching, with tools, tips, and techniques.

Yale Summer Institutes resources for moving classes online
A google doc with a wealth of resources for higher education STEM faculty on general remote instruction (with links to other similar resource documents), lab instruction, STEM discipline-specific resources, academic Twitter, and motivational/wellness resources.

Universal design for learning
Guidelines offering concrete suggestions that can be applied to ensure that all learners can access and participate in meaningful, challenging learning opportunities.

Teaching remotely in times of need
A google slide deck with lots of linked resources for higher education and K-12. Focuses include checking in with students and designing for variability.

Inclusive teaching practices toolkit
Includes 10 practices for equitable remote learning, with videos offering ways to implement them and why to use them.

Yale Poorvu Center for Teaching and Learning
Strategic teaching resources and digital publications with educational research showing why these are important.

Support for rapid transition to remote instruction
Resources from the Flynn lab (chemistry education) at UOntario for getting STEM courses rapidly into remote instruction. Includes resources for faculty and students.

Keeping Community Going

Join us for Workshop 3 on August 28, 1:00-4:00 — see the flyer sent by Laura Lopes to all CSM faculty on August 6, the link for registering is in the flyer that was attached