Equity-Focused Alternative Assessments for STEM Courses

On August 6, 2020, Dean of the College of Science and Mathematics, Robin Côté, announced the STEM Educational Excellence Fellows for AY 20-21. In this inaugural year of the STEM EDX program in CSM, these twelve faculty members (two per department in the college) formed a professional learning community focused on the inquiry: How to assess students in STEM courses during remote instruction while attending to the goal of creating equity. The resources created by the STEM EDX Fellows are intended for ongoing use, not only for remote learning but also as we transition to a new normal in which lessons learned during the COVID-19 pandemic, as well as the underlying pandemics of racism and economic disparity that it exposed, can be put to use in creating greater equity toward our goal of becoming an anti-racist and health-promoting university.

Equity-Focused Alternative Assessment Resources

AY 20-21 STEM EDX Fellows

Gabe Cunningham, Lecturer, Mathematics 
Mohamed Gharbi, Assistant Professor, Physics 
Olga Goulko, Assistant Professor, Physics 
Kim Hamad-Schifferli, Associate Professor, Engineering 
Daniel Haehn, Assistant Professor, Computer Science 
Swami Iyer, Lecturer, Computer Science 
KC Kerby-Patel, Assistant Professor, Engineering 
Daniel Pomerleano, Assistant Professor, Mathematics 
Neil Reilly, Assistant Professor, Chemistry 
Karla Schallies, Lecturer, Biology 
Hannah Sevian, Professor, Chemistry 
Brian White, Associate Professor, Biology