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[POC] [Shellshock] Bash SSHD PreAuth Remote Exploit

The hype around the ShellShock bash exploit is circulating everywhere. Some have proven methods of: BAD DHCP server Remote code execution in CGI scripts However, most research suggests that the SSH daemon is only susceptible to the shell shock exploit

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Alternating Payload, Automated offset calculation/ID during Buffer Overflow Analysis

I designed this during my activity analyzing exploiting a sensitive buffer overflow on the SPARC architecture. It suits my needs, and I like publicizing to my blog posts. It makes backup of my data and knowledge base. So I like

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OSX sshfs rellinks support added ;)

We lost souls who have been searching for absolute symlink support in our Mac fuse SSH have been led astray. If you, like me, has their ‘man sshfs’ allude to us that we need “-o rellinks” to support absolute symlinks

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x86_64 Get Stack Pointer (RSP)

IDK why, but getting a simple source code for this was actually quite difficult. I mean I figured google would immediately spit out some simple snippet, but NO. There are stack overflow posts with difficult solutions and I was thinking

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GoDaddy SubDomain Forwarding Trouble w/ Solution

GoDaddy subdomain forwarding is a bit finnicky. And here’s why:

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Growl latest (2.1.3) on OSX Mavericks

What’s that? You want to install Growl latest (2.1.3) without shelling out $4.99? I hear ya. Fortunately, Growl is open sourced under the bsd-license, which includes binary redistribution. I went ahead and put together Growl-2.1.3 and GrowlNotify-2.1.3 in a binary

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DDNS With GoDaddy

If you have a domain with and want to host a server at home on a sub-domain of your domain, but you have a dynamic IP like with Comcast Residential, and no dynamic DNS service to take of it. Well,

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[CS444] Remotely dealing with Minix

Remotely dealing with Minix This tutorial is how to get access to your VM via rdesktop remotely from off-campus. Also to access the VM via ssh remotely.. Note: there is a difference between accessing gpu0 on ssh port 22, versus

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ENet Networking Example C

I found a good example to get started with ENet, written by Mike Diehl, but it had some bugs so I fixed them. Plus, a pain in the ass to download. So, here is the cleaned up downloadable package. But before

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external function with a parameter that references a struct/class’s internal struct/class

That’s a mouthful. Here’s how an example: I hope that helps you like it helped me. I wrote it from experimentation and deduction.

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