[CS444] Remotely dealing with Minix

Remotely dealing with Minix

This tutorial is how to get access to your VM via rdesktop remotely from off-campus. Also to access the VM via ssh remotely..

Note: there is a difference between accessing gpu0 on ssh port 22, versus accessing your VM on ssh via port 2200-2250..

The instructions need to be altered to apply to your VM number.

Below is for osXX, replace XX with your os number.

Update — SSH directly to gpu0 remotely with the port forwarding

I updated the command and also show how to place it as an alias in .bashrc, so we never have to type that long thing again :)

The commands are easier to recall by placing alias to them. in Mac: ~/.profile, or Linux ~/.bashrc:

# CS 444
alias sshGpu0='ssh -t -L :50XX:gpu0.cs.umb.edu:50XX -L :22XX:gpu0.cs.umb.edu:22XX users.cs.umb.edu "ssh osXX@gpu0"'
alias rdesktopGpu0='rdesktop -u osXX -p - -a 16 -N'

I also added an alias to my users.cs.umb.edu’s .bashrc:

alias sshGpu0='ssh osXX@gpu0'

ssh -L :50XX:gpu0.cs.umb.edu:50XX -L :22XX:gpu0.cs.umb.edu:22XX users.cs.umb.edu

--> then, from within users bash:
--> ssh osXX@gpu0
-----> then, from gpu0 bash:
-----> startVM

I’m not sure if -L can be used twice in one session, but we won’t know until Ming figures out how to properly setup the VM ssh.

The above works by opening a port on your local computer that is
forwarded as if coming from the cs.umb.edu network.

back at another terminal from your local computer:

rdesktop -u osXX -p - -a 16 -N

Note: ssh to the VM itself Ming is having problems with, but it would work like this from local terminal:

ssh osXX@

RDesktop For Mac Users

rdesktop will use X windowing system, so you may need to download
XQuartz for this to work:


Then on Macports:

sudo port install rdesktop tsclient

tsclient is a graphical gtk frontend, and is optional, I haven’t needed
to use it since X takes care of it for me.

Brew I don’t use, so you may want to do it yourself and then add to this
Wiki or add a comment

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  1. Lucky Charms says:

    You’re a good guy solving this problem for your class.

    Good deeds get noticed.

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