GoDaddy SubDomain Forwarding Trouble w/ Solution

GoDaddy subdomain forwarding is a bit finnicky. And here’s why:

If you have not yet created an actual DNS ‘A’ record for your subdomain, and you go to forward that subdomain — the service will simply not work. I had no idea why until I contacted GoDaddy Support. The reason why it wasn’t working is because there HAS to be a DNS ‘A’ record of the subdomain associated with a GoDaddy forwarding IP. In my case, this IP isĀ — I’m not sure if that’s usable by everyone but me.

>>> Better yet, I suggest GoDaddy fix this by adding some logic to append the proper record if it doesn’t exist already or to modify an existing record with the GoDaddy Forwarding IP :) <<<

Proper Order-of-Ops

I think it would work if you created the ‘A’ record first, any IP will do. Then set the forwarding. Hopefully, GoDaddy will then automatically edit the record for subdomain forwarding. I’m going to try this right now. And update

for this experiment I added subdomain ‘test’ with IP, which in fact is the caller’s localhost (and that will work too, I just tried it — was the computer whose browser I just ran). Now I’ve just added the subdomain forwarding for test to, using 302 temporary

Welp, it looks like for me at least, the A record is not updated to use GoDaddy forwarding IP. Not fast enough at LEAST, but I doubt it even works. Unreliable POS. I’ll just do this manually from now on. Me and GoDaddy got a good thing going with the DDNS. Anyways, take care folks. I guess we do this manually.

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