Curriculum and Service Fee

Effective July 1, 2011, the University of Massachusetts Board of Trustees and President, as well as the University of Massachusetts Boston’s Chancellor’s Office have approved a Curriculum and Service fee for College of Management students.
As a student enrolled in a College of Management course during the Fall 2011 semester, you will notice this new fee on your bill.  This is the Curriculum and Service Fee for College of Management, totaling $400.00.  I would like to take this opportunity to explain the nature of this fee.
The UMass Boston College of Management business programs are in high demand because of our growing stature and impact. The Curriculum and Service Fee for College of Management students allows the college to respond to the expanding enrollment demand for our degree programs with the additional sections and services students need.
The fee will be used to add faculty lines; enhance program and student success advising, including programs to provide students with greater access to international exchange opportunities; support our accreditation requirements, access to software and tools that graduates will encounter in the work world, and the overall quality of the College’s programs.
We know our students want, and deserve, a top-notch education. The Curriculum and Service Fee enables us to continue to provide significant value at a relatively affordable cost. The fee will be incorporated into the budget for students receiving financial aid or other financial support and, therefore, reflected in student awards.
If you have additional questions about this fee, please feel free to talk with the College of Management Associate Dean for Graduate Programs, Oscar Gutierrez, or Assistant Director for Graduate Programs, Tara Shea, both on the fifth floor of McCormack Hall.
Philip L. Quaglieri
College of Management