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A Whimsical Find


Dog foot print on a handmade brick

Dog foot print on a handmade brick

The top 40 centimeters in our first unit against the house at Gore Place have been full of demolition debris — brick, mortar, building stone, slate, and marble tile fragments. We don’t save all of that architectural material, but we do look at the pieces to see if there is anything distinctive that would merit saving any as a sample. We were rewarded yesterday by a dog footprint on one of the broken bricks from the rubble! A footprint like this is made when an animal walks over the wet bricks, at the manufacturing site, before they have been fired. This find doesn’t shed any light on the questions that we are trying to answer about Gore Place, but it’s a cool and very evocative bit from the past, and the first find of this type by anyone on the crew.

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